Academic books 

Authored, co-authored and edited books (chronological order)

Nijhuis, S, Thissen, P & Storms-Smeets, E (2022) Resilient Estate Landscapes Gelderland. Past, Present, Future. Amsterdam: Jap Sam Books  (forthcoming)

Nijhuis, S, Sun, Y & Lange, E (2022) Adaptive Urban Transformation. Urban Landscape Dynamics, Regional Design and Territorial Governance in the Pearl River Delta, China. Heidelberg: Springer  (forthcoming)

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Nijhuis, S, Schultz, B & Pouderoijen, MT (2021) Polder landscapes of the world. Amsterdam: Jap Sam Books (forthcoming)

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Nijhuis, S (2015) GIS-based landscape design research. Stourhead landscape garden as a case study. Delft: A+BE (ISBN 978-94-6186-568-7). 1b50311f-8c46-4aa3-a581-73bf8e71a10apng 6cc490a6-f397-489f-a2f1-1607824a7e62png

Nijhuis, S, Jauslin, D van & Hoeven, FD van der (eds.) (2015) Flowscapes. Designing infrastructure as landscape. Delft: TU Delft (ISBN 978-94-6186-472-7).  1b50311f-8c46-4aa3-a581-73bf8e71a10apng 6cc490a6-f397-489f-a2f1-1607824a7e62png

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