Acquisition and project leader of NSFC, NWO and EPSRC Joint Research Project: 'Adaptive Urban Transformation (AUT) – Territorial governance, spatial strategy and urban landscape dynamics in the Pearl River Delta'  (grant no. ALWSD 2016.013 sustainable delta program) with Delft University of Technology, Department of Urbanism (NL); South China University of Technology, School of Architecture (SCUT) (China); The University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape (UoS) (UK) (funding ca € 1.000.000, 2018-2022). Read more...

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Acquisition and project leader of NWO TOPSECTOR WATER CALL: 'Shorescape: Sustainable co-evolution of the natural and built environment along sandy shores' (grant no. ALWTW.2016.038)  with University of Twente, Deltares, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, Rijkswaterstaat, Witteveen en Bos, HNS landschapsarchitecten, Imares Wageningen (funding € 702.000, 2017-2022). Read more... 



Acquisition and project leader 'Design atlas heritage estate landscapes gelderland' with Province of Gelderland in collaboration with Gelders Genootschap (funding ca € 120.000, 2019-2021)

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Acquisition and overall project Leader ‘Polder landscapes of the world’ with Nieuw Land, Dutch Embassy India & Canada; ICOMOS NL; U of Beijing; U of Auburn, U of Toronto, etc.) (funding € 175.000, partly pending, 2017 ongoing). Read more...  

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Acquisition and Head Designer ‘Shantou Inner Bay Urban Design’ with OKRA landscape architects, South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Urban Planning Institute (funding € 120.000, 2020)

Completed Projects: 2006 - 2017


Acquisition and project leader ‘Landscape as business condition/Landschap als vestigingsvoorwaarde’ with Vereniging Deltametropool, Wageningen University, West8, Staatsbosbeheer, LEI, Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (funding € 129.000, 2016-2017)


Acquisition and overall project leader ‘First comprehensive polder & dike GIS of the Netherlands’ with Cultural Heritage Agency and Ministry of Infrastructure & Mobility (funding € 75.000, 2014-2015)


Acquisition and overall project leader ‘Urbanizing Deltas in transition’ with University of Houston (funding € 60.000, 2012-2013)


Project leader ‘Integrated Planning and Design in the Delta; Work Package International Delta Comparison (IPDD)’ (funding € 40.000, NWO-URD, 2011-2012)


Acquisition and overall project leader ‘Multimedia exhibition display landscape development Beeckestijn’ (funding € 12.500, 2011)


Acquisition and overall project leader input Structural Vision Spatial Development 2040 and Landscape heritage policy Province of North Holland (funding € 158.000, 2006-2009 multiple projects)


Overall Project leader ‘Polder Atlas of the Netherlands’ with Nieuw Land (funding € 200.000, 2006-2009)

All Projects are affiliated to TU Delft