Supervision PhD research

Ongoing PhD research

Urban agriculture for sustainable urban renewal. Design, policy, implementation

PhD-candidate: Yu Huan    
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Dr Nico Tillie (co-promotor)
Period: April 2021 – April 2025
Funding: Private resources

Blue space design. Spatial principles for healthy high density urban environments

PhD-candidate: Haoxiang Zhang
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Dr Caroline Newton (co-promotor)
Period: April 2021 – April 2025
Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council, Nuffic  

Perception and design of urban wilderness. Comparative study on the perceptions of Chinese and Western Citizens and their implications for planning and design

PhD-candidate: Chen Yuan
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Dr Machiel van Dorst (promotor)
Period: March 2021 – March 2025
Funding: CSC

GIS-based visual analysis and strategies for planning and design of heritage landscapes

PhD-candidate: Yuyang Peng
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Dr Jantien Stoter (promotor), Dr Giorgio Agugiaro (co-promotor)    
Period: March 2020 – March 2024
Funding: Private resources  

Sustainable Green Space Design in High-Density Urban Environment: Spatial Strategies and Principles

PhD-candidate: Shile Zhou
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Rients Dijkstra (co-promotor)
Period: March 2019 – March 2023
Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council & TU Delft

Shorescape: Designing sustainable coastal buffer zones

PhD-candidate: Ir Janneke van Bergen
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor), Eric Luiten (promotor)
Period: 2017-2022
Funding: NWO Top Sector Water Program

Completed PhD Research

Adaptive African New Towns: An Alternative Approach for Urban Development in Low-Resource Settings (completed 2020)

PhD-candidate: Ir Rachel Keeton
Supervision: Dr Han Meyer (promotor), Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor)
Period: May 2016 – November 2020
Funding: TU Delft Global Initiative & International New Town Institute

Mapping Landscape Spaces: Interpretation, Measurement, and Evaluation of Spatio-visual Characteristics in Landscape Design (completed 2020)

PhD-candidate: Mei Liu
Supervision: Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor),  Dirk Sijmons (promotor)
Period: September 2015 – December 2020
Funding: Chinese Scholarship Council & TU Delft

Pearl River Delta: Scales, Times, Domains: A Mapping Method for the Exploration of Rapidly Urbanizng Deltas (completed 2020)

PhD-candidate: Liang Xiong
Supervision: Dr Han Meijer (promotor), Dr Steffen Nijhuis (promotor)
Period: 2011-2020
Funding: Private resources

Synergetic Urban Landscape Planning in Rotterdam: Liveable Low-Carbon Cities (completed 2018)

PhD-candidate: Ir Nico Tillie
Supervision:Dr Andy v/d Dobbelsteen (promotor), Dr Steffen Nijhuis (co-promotor)
Period: September 2012 – September 2018
Funding: Municipality of Rotterdam & TU Delft

The Art of Bridge Design: Identifying a design approach for well-integrated, integrally-designed and socially-valued bridges (completed 2019)

PhD-candidate: Ir Joris Smits
Supervision: Rob Nijsse (promotor), Dr Steffen Nijhuis (co-promotor)
Period: September 2014 – May 2019
Funding: Royal HaskoningDHV & TU Delft