Review in Science: Transforming Urban Environments

Resilient cities of the past hold lessons for creating adaptable communities of the future. This is is the central theme of the new publication: 'If the Past Teaches, What Does the Future Learn? Ancient Urban Regions and the Durable Future'.

Authors in alphabetical order: Carole Crumley,  Carrie Hritz,  Christian Isendahl, Lisa Lucero, John Meunier, John murphy, Steffen Nijhuis, Payam Ostovar, Clemens Reichel, Vernon L. Scarborough, Federica Sulas, Timothy Thurston

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"..Ultimately, I found the book to be a clear, informative, and useful resource that I plan to use to teach about socio-environmental systems. It successfully makes the case that historical cities that exhibited durability can offer us valuable insights into how to build modern cities that can reinvent them-selves in the face of change, providing a collection of interesting case studies and a look at how archaeologists think about human–nature interactions. An easy-to-read book, it is suitable as inspiration for urban design experts and for teachers and scholars of socio-ecological sustainability."

Review in Science: