International Symposium and Design Workshop Kameoka-Kyoto

Towards a resilient and future-proof satoyama landscape in Kameoka-Kyoto (Japan) was the main theme of an international symposium and design workshop  

The symposium at Chiba University hosted by Prof. Noriko Akita provided keynotes from Prof. Henri Bava Agence TER École nationale supérieure de paysage and me. We elaborated on #landscapeapproach and andscape-based urbanism as spatial design perspectives for #resilientlandscapes and adaptive design. 

Students and colleagues from landscape architecture tudelft participated in an intensive design workshop on the cultural landscape of Kameoka hosted by Prof. Shiro Takeda and the Watershed Spatial Design Research Group.  

We worked with students from different universities in multidisciplinary teams and explored possibilities to facilitate water-sensitive, social and ecological inclusive spatial development of the region.

The analysis, interviews and on-site observations in Kameoka exposed the #landscapelogic of systemic and circular relationships of the traditional paddy fields with villages ~ sato (里) ~ and the afforested mountains ~ yama (山) ~ which together make up the satoyama landscape (里山). Building on the intricate spatial relationships between the local people and their environment is the key for sustainable #watersafety, #biodiversity and economic viability.  

We received firsthand input from farmers, citizens, local policymakers and experts.

A collaboration of Shiro Takeda (Chiba University), Keita Yamaguchi (Kyoto University), Masakazu Hanaoka and Toshihiko Abe (Ritsumeikan University), Steffen Nijhuis (TU Delft University of Technology), Ana Namikawa (Fogin General Incorporated Association) and the City of Kameoka.